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Body Massage in Punjabi Bagh with 100% client satisfaction

Crystal body spa is one of the leading body massages in Punjabi Bagh, with top-notch quality in an affordable price range. We assure 100% client satisfaction with the best comfort in an affordable price range.

A body massage is crucial for everyone. After a tiring hectic week of work, you need some time to pamper and relax. In such a time a body massages works like a wonder.

If you are searching for a luxurious body massage in Punjabi Bagh, we offer you the best and everlasting experience under professional guidance.

Release your stress with the best massage in Punjabi Bagh

whether you are looking for a Swedish body massage or full body massage, we offer you a wide range of massage services and their packages. You can choose according to your comfort. Our prices start from 2499 and go beyond depending on the massage service and duration you choose.

we have the best team of therapists and other staff members who are ready to guide and assist you. Our therapist knows the right trigger points and acupressure points to help you release your stress and feel relaxed.

we have all the modern equipment and facilities to offer you the best experience. The products that we use are herbal and have a touch of Ayurveda in them.

we follow all the covid-19 issued by the government. All our staff members are vaccinated. The rooms and equipment are well sanitized before and after use. We don't offer a walk-in. You need to book an appointment prior. To book an appointment, call us on 9599723975.

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